Our Insights

Every project has a budget whether it is clearly defined or not. We shall ensure that client don’t spend more than entitled. We shall manage finances carefully by listing every expense and ensuring that they are budgeted upfront. If unbudgeted expenditure takes place, we shall inform the client as soon as possible to avoid complications down the track.
We shall be one who control all change to the Project Scope tightly as we know that “Scope Creep” kills the Projects. We shall define or follow scope the Scope of Project upfront then review very strictly to ensure that no unauthorized works are done any time. If client demands comes in we shall stand on our ground to define more time and budget to cater for it.
As a Project Management Team we shall be setting goals and we shall strive upmost to get it done as every Project has a defined delivery date so we along with our team shall be the most goal oriented.
We shall set up list of priorities on behalf of you while making consideration of day to day critical tasks.
Our team shall build up the Project goals smart, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.
We shall make focus of tracking the Project Progress. We shall not allow any kind of slippage in between planned and achieved phases. If any slippage is caught then we shall strive upmost to bring back the slippage back to the track.
While undertaking the Project Management we shall participate into each and every defined and undefined complications. We shall put up investigations to occurrence of such complications and their impacts on Project Management. We shall assure that such kind of complications are not repeated.
We shall put up our either detailed engineered or spontaneous solution to every decision.

We shall put up the commitment that we shall adhere with the solutions given by us during the Project Management.

We shall deliver Project documentations in simple, focused and well structured manner. This will lead excellent project finance management, investigations in projects, contributing in the fast decision making process, commitment to given solution, developing flow diagrams, defining list of tasks, critical path development, quality performance assessment, better project planning structure, project work breakdown structure, in depth project milestone interpretation, defining project constraints, monitoring project schedule of expenditures, review of project financial process, getting involved in project risk management, analysis of job costing, determination of dominations in the projects
There will be valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practises for working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables
With approach to perfect team management having ability to lead cross functional project teams there shall be integration of efforts to maximize operational efficiency
On having perfected approach to engineering management the execution remains under heavy control on the base of deliverables generated on time, organized and interpreted
The process gives profound grip over in organizing, sourcing, utilizing, monitoring closely resources tied up through highly scientific frame work developed for mega sized projects
Proficiency shall be developed in striking perfect coordination with all involved agencies ensuring bottleneck free work execution.
We shall make submission of flow diagrams on every staging of Project Execution.
Being Project Management team we shall define list of tasks to be performed by contractors, clients, third party inspectors, client representative and project consultants.
We shall define activities with critical path method time to time to ensure that focus of whole team remains to sharp Project Management in well defined way.
As a Project Management Team we shall take up Project Performance Assessment which shall include over all factors comprising of time, budget, quality.
Our Project Management Team shall assure that Project Planning is created with Project Resource Plan, Project Financial Plan, Project Quality Plan, Project Risk Management Plan, Project Procurement Plan and Project Implementation Plan.

We shall assure that all our Project planning is given with Project Work breakdown Structure with Micro Management.

We shall ensure that Project Milestones are interpreted by us in detailed manner. We shall put up an auto alert system to all associated contractors of reminding them to time to time Project Milestones.
We shall interpret all Project Constraints in well advanced manner while informing to the client the challenges involved in the Project Management.
We shall guide to our clients to define precisely the Schedule of Expenditures. While receiving the comments from client we shall put up to profound rectification process.
We shall handover to client definition of Financial Processes involved in the project. We shall put up our recommendations to the client about intensified version of the Financial Processes.

We shall deliver to client detailed documentations to Project risk management with definition of low, high and medium risks involved in the Project while defining strategies to define to combat the involved risks.

  • We shall be submitting project (Job) Costing at the end of the project
  • Recognizing &     evaluation of      Civil     Works programme & deeply interfacing continuous interpretation  of works of all extensive trades alignment while convincing civil contractor to get aligned with limitations-consequences versus expansion of activities while putting up dominant advice to Civil Works


  • Innovative recommendations to value engineering & cost saving
  • Putting up influential advises to project management Team
  • Specialized skills like value engineering, comprehensive solutions, dealing with critical situations and foreseeing, solving project complications shall be enhanced.


  • Exercising complete engineered solution and generating comprehensive solutions to arguments run in different phases consisting no. of deviations given by mechanical-architectural & different contractors suggesting bunch of controversial and complex solutions at the single spot
  • Evaluating – materializing-bringing spontaneous decisions versus detailed engineered decisions to the state of equilibrium justified to the current situations of ongoing project versus time-line. Holding execution till finalization materialized from detailed engineering
  • Foreseeing complications in advance and taking sufficient precautions to combat forthcoming situations