Shop Drawings

Architectural Shop Drawings

Architecture Construction shop drawings are the set of accurate details of all manufactured and fabricated items related to the physical space in the structure. Our architecture construction shop drawings include more details of fabrication, erection and layout. Architecture Construction shop drawings have more detailed than the architect and engineer’s construction information documents.

Our construction shop drawing set to cover all the information which needs for the contractor to build the project which includes drawings, illustrations, diagrams, cut sheets, schedules, manufacturer’s installation documents and other specific assembled information. Our shop drawings can explain the fabrication, installation of the products and the process of the architectural plan & concept. CAD Shop Drawings and installation drawings to be submitted by the contractor and get the approval from the authority and then start the work on the structure project. Our team of experts provide accurate and clear architecture shop drawings to the contractors for approval of assembly and product fabrication from architect and engineer before construction. We provide specific information of dimension, fabrication and manufacturing conventions with our construction shop drawings. We are ensuring the accuracy of shop drawings for fabrication and assembly. Our team can work with the fabricator and contractor to create shop drawings that can be the smoothest cost effective from drawing to assembly.

Structural Steel Shop Drawing

We provide various structural shop drawings services including steel shop drawings, sheet metal shop drawings & woodwork shop drawings, millwork shop drawings etc. Our structural team consists of highly qualified and experienced draftsmen and modelers. We provide various structural shop drawings for structural steel components, trusses, reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, structures, and millwork. Our structural modeling team works in tandem with the client organization as though an extension of the client’s team.

Shop drawings are the backbone of any fabrication industry. Shop drawings are typically a set of drawings required for prefabricated components. These drawings are usually produced by the fabricator, manufacturer, contractor or supplier. Shop drawing includes dimensions, manufacturing standards, fabrication. They contain more details compared to construction documents. Obtaining architectural approval is only a small part of what a quality shop drawing provides. The drawings are a roadmap utilized by project managers and installers, and can greatly affect the profitability of any project.

In today’s fast-paced construction, fabricators are finding themselves facing tighter construction schedules and longer material lead times. A team that can provide cost-effective and quality service will definitely help them not only to bid profitably but to deliver quality service to customers. With a long experience and a proven track record in high profile commercial and industrial infrastructure projects, we can be the one-stop solution for all your structural steel shop drawing requirements.

MEP Shop Drawings

MEP shop drawings are created by combining the architectural, structural, and civil shop drawings for a project. They facilitate fabrication, manufacturing, installation, assembly, and maintenance of the mechanical, electrical and sanitation components inside a building.

MEP shop drawings add solidarity to architectural construction document sets. Contractors and engineers can refer to these drawing sets to get precise specifications and identify faults before the construction begins, thus saving time, money, and labor costs.

Every building has a unique MEP drawing set, generated after a careful evaluation of the building design documents by our shop drawing services experts.

Mechanical shop drawings demarcate heating vents and air conditioning systems, and determine their placement. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) shop drawings are part of the mechanical shop drawings and represent enhanced specifications for installing and fabricating ducts, custom piping connections, and air-handling units.

The mechanical shop drawings represent transportation systems such as lifts and escalators, infrastructural elements, and at times industrial machine components.
The electrical systems inside a building include power supply and distribution, control systems, access and security systems, information and communication systems, and interior and exterior lighting.

Most shop drawings consist of an overlap of electrical and mechanical components. With the help of detailed electrical shop drawings, contractors assess the exact layout of electrical units to install mechanical units smoothly.
As the name suggests, plumbing shop drawings represent the plumbing elements inside a building, such as piping systems, drainage, garbage disposals, and waste carriers. They also indicate fluid and air transport for heating and cooling, potable and non-potable water supply, fuel gas piping, and waste removal.

The right MEP drawings are high quality, ensure consistency within the component dimensions and possess the ability to identify and address potential flaws. Which brings us to our next segment.

Benefits of MEP Shop Drawings

Accurate representation of design and assembly instructions

MEP shop drawings have a scaled outline of the final assembly of a product with its accessories, dimensions, weight, and cable and/or piping connections. It is because of this comprehensive detailing that fabricators and contractors have a clear picture of what to build or supply.

Additionally, if the project requires using the same component multiple times, then the same MEP shop drawings can be referred to repeatedly for instructions on manufacturing processes. This is a standard practice in large-scale residential, corporate, and commercial contracts.