Material Planning

Material delivery is one of the major parts of project management because materials are consuming huge amount of the construction cost. Poor materials management can result in increased costs during construction. Efficient management of materials can result in substantial savings in project costs. Materials are major part of the construction project and the special concern should be provided from the planning stage of the project to end of the project. In the construction projects; amount of required materials cannot be reduced because it will affect the quality of the project. Meanwhile uncertainty is there in material supply due to the price fluctuations and availability of the certain materials. Therefore we deliver the material procurement planning (MPP) which is deals with the problem that purchasing the right quantity of material from the right supplier at the right time, a purchaser can reduce the cost for materials via a reasonable MPP model. Here the purchasing of material at the right time is one of the key elements of MPP.
Latest project management systems for construction projects facing new set of challenges in the delivery process of construction material. Mainly two requirements are expected for proper material delivery process. Those are transparency to material availability, and short response time in the material supply chain. Now a days the major challenge in the construction industry is delay in material delivery which is cause to the late completion of the project A proper plan in material delivery and inventory management shall be scheduled by us in the initial stage of the project plan and it can be lead to reduce the delay in material delivery in construction projects.