Software Expertise

Today the production of drawings and 3D views of any project seems quite unthinkable without the software Autocad. From the initial simple drafting tool that it was thought to be; to the complex 3D generating software, with a whole lot of commands that it has now become; it has been quite a journey for people learning, following and using this software named Autocad at Impulsive Technologies. Every version of Autocad comes up with something that attempts to make the software, easier to use and more drafter friendly. Autocad is thought synonymous to drafting in every office related to the construction industry. Impulsive Technologies completely understands the importance of Autocad in today’s world and hence the faculty at Impulsive Technologies are well versed with Autocad and all its application be it 2D drafting or 3D views.

Revit is the new mantra of the construction industry today and Impulsive Technologies understands this. For this precise reason, Impulsive Technologies has trained and employed technicians who are well versed with Revit Architecture, Revit Structure for and Revit MEP. A product of the Autodesk brand itself; Impulsive Technologies is well aware of the fact that Revit helps the fields of architecture, structure, mechanical engineering, electrical and plumbing fields as well. Revit helps Impulsive Technologies in performing the much heard of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tasks which help tremendously in detecting clashes before the actual project gets constructed.

Steel has been used as a building material in the construction industry for over centuries now and Impulsive Technologies is well aware of this. History has borne witness to some of the most exquisite prefabricated steel structures; be it bridges, railway stations, factories or even commercial buildings. One can also say that using steel as a building material enabled the prefabrication of structures and this brought about the spread of industrialization. In today’s world steel is used by Impulsive Technologies to build industrial sheds and high rise buildings. To execute such projects, accurate and detailed drawings along with a comprehensive 3D model of the steel design become a necessity for Impulsive Technologies. TEKLA Structures steel detailing is made keeping in mind steel structures and hence is well developed when it comes to applications needed for steel structures and Impulsive Technologies makes good use of TEKLA Structures to satisfy its customers’ needs.

In today’s world it has become absolutely essential to have machines do most of your work. With the advent of industrialization almost centuries back, man has never looked back when it comes to make his life simpler through machines and Impulsive Technologies acknowledges this fact. The irony of the present day world lies in the fact that that machines are required to produce machines or mechanical components and Impulsive Technologies utilizes Solid Edge to help its clients in this production.

Impulsive Technologies offers you services in every field of the construction industry and mechanical Engineering is one of them. Impulsive Technologies provides its experienced assistance to clients who like their output in Inventor. Today, Impulsive Technologies is aware that the construction world is fully dependant on machines. Gone are the days when man power was used to hoist heavy constructional elements on site. Today Impulsive Technologies would suggest using huge containers for transportation and lifts to carry building material vertically upwards or downwards. Drilling, ramming piling foundations into the earth, vibrating concrete after it is casted in situ, polishing the floor for a smooth finish, pumping water for watering the concrete and installation of roof members are a few activities where machines make man’s life easier and Impulsive Technologies is well aware of that.

Impulsive Technologies professes that the structure of a design can make it or break it. Just like architecture is essential for the conceptualization and arrangement of spaces in project; the structure of a design which deals with load transfers and the related calculations determine the stability and longevity of a building. Impulsive Technologies understands that chronologically the structure of a building is analyzed and calculated after the architectural design is finalized and the drawings are completed. But that is a utopian condition. Designs are subject to changes and most of the structural design and analysis may be done simultaneously using STAAD Pro at Impulsive Technologies as the architectural design evolves and betters further. To carry out these structural analyses and structural designs for projects, Impulsive Technologies utilizes software named STAAD Pro. STAAD Pro is harnessed at Impulsive Technologies for the structural design and analyses of construction projects in a variety of materials .