Project Hand-Over Essentials

For each project you are about to hand over, make sure you cover the following things for the new PM.
  • 1
    We get the project charter if you have one or collect the project initiation documentation
  • 2
    We gather all business case information
  • 3
    We collect the documents involved in the initial offer, make sure to indicate clearly which one is the signed copy (important in order to understand initial, often commercial expectations)
  • 4
    We gather all change requests (amount, description and timing for each instance), this can be short but the key is to make a complete list
  • 5
    We write down what the roles are at the client’s office (who’s the sponsor, who will check the quality of the deliverable, etc.) if you have a RACI chart this can help
  • 6
    We list your contacts and their coordinates, write down how frequently you communicate with them and what topics to cover
  • 7
    We introduce the new PM to the client (very important if you are the single point of contact)
  • 8
    We introduce the new PM to the delivery team(s)
  • 9
    We suggest next steps for the new PM